Hannah Kindler is an interdisciplinary artist and designer. Her practice moves within different materials and disciplines, such as weaving and performance, garments and video, writing and knitting, drawing and spatial installations. With her artistic practice, Kindler aims to tell different stories, or stories of difference, based on nonhierarchical methods of knowledge production.

Kindler’s work questions the socially constructed nature of values, often using textiles and other materials, to reveal the global circulation of economical, social and cultural value systems. She analyses how Western-European capitalist ideologies have an influence on our understanding of the value of materials by critically examining everyday objects and their varied social and economic deployment as actors that shape us and our social relations. Kindler aims to expose the inherent relationality of objects, as the expression of social relations and how the objects itself carries the repressive politics of the social processes in which it has been formed. She seeks to tell other stories of these objects, such as private stories of personal memories, which could serve as a form of resistance against the normative stories of the capitalist market system.

She is interested in language and other systems of communication as historical structures which are informed by particular ideologies that serve to constitute and construct reality. They play an important role in shaping subjectivities and can be used to reinforce or renounce the experiences and biographies of the people using them. Through the medium of conversations, Kindler operates at the intersection of performance art, cultural activism and the building of spaces of empowerment within group processes - all with the aim of self-organisation. In these conversations, Kindler mostly works collaboratively. The conversations create temporary communities that resisted the constant demand of productivity through talking about the personal in a non-goal oriented manner. Simultaneously, the conversations serve as means to examine social relations and as a possibility for both, giving agency to the viewer to become part of the work while allowing their references and value systems to enter. For Kindler, the discursive format serves as a means to examine how to engage with others and develop practices that undo and restructure power relations via inclusive, relational ethics, that aim for a more fluid understanding of identity.

By questioning the politics of knowledge production, value is given to lived experiences as a valid source of knowledge. These embodied knowledges can be used as a means of challenging oppressive power structures. Through the use of performative strategies of self-understanding and identification, histories can be (re)written.




2015 – 2017    MA DAI Art Praxis in Arnhem, The Netherlands

2012 – 2015    BA Gerrit Rietveld AcademieTXT (Textile) Department, in Amsterdam, The Netherlands

2011 – 2012    BA Theaterschool (AHK)Scenography Department, in Amsterdam, The Netherlands

2008 – 2010    BA Albert-Ludwigs-Universität Freiburg, History, Philosophy and German Literature Studies, Freiburg, Germany



Selected Works/Exhibitions/Projects/Artist in Residency/Publications/Presentations/Workshops


2018     Two weeks workshop Learning Community at the Master Métiers de la Mode et du Textile, Aix-Marseille University, Marseille (conceptualisation and

             facilitation), in collaboration with Pascale Gatzen, ArtEZ Master of Fashion Design Arnhem, Lidewij Edelkoort and others. Look here for video

2017     Conduit, Graduation Performance as part of  DAI Art Praxis lecture-performance series The Kitchen / Not the Restaurant

2017     Momo, Film Project/Workshop in collaboration with Evelien Nijeboer, Maarten van der Glas and Jerke van den Braak,

             funded by the city of Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

2016     Collective Story Writing, Museum Night 2016, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

2016     Workshop Cloth Making at Social Textile Studio, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

2016     Co-Founding of Independent Artist Led Space Social Textile Studio, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

2016     R&D Center of Value, Art Night, Expoplu, Nijmegen, The Netherlands

2016     I see, Performance as part of DAI Art Praxis lecture-performance series The Kitchen / Not the Restaurant

2016     I remember, Performance as part of  DAI Art Praxis lecture-performance series The Kitchen / Not the Restaurant

2016     The Wall, ACTA Group Exhibition, Art Festival Nieuw Sloten, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

2016     Twenty Minutes, Performance as part of  DAI Art Praxis lecture-performance series The Kitchen / Not the Restaurant

2015     NETworkers, collaboration with Nika Timashkova, Group Exhibition, part of INLAND NETHERLAND Gathering, part of DAI Art Praxis,

             SONSBEEK'16 transACTION, Arnhem, The Netherlands

2015     R&D Center of ValueFuture Footprints, Group Exhibition, Dutch Design Week, Eindhoven, The Netherlands

2015     The Utopian OfficeFRAME, Group Exhibition, Friday Next Gallery, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

2015     Object d´ Art, collaboration with Moulsari Jain, What's the deal? - Moving Urban Cultures, Group Exhibition, Kreativquartier, Munich, Germany

2014     The value of Textiles, Performative Workshop, Stichting Urban Resort ACTA Gebouw - Festival, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

2014     Tsarino Foundation, Artist in Residence, Tsarino, Bulgaria (April)

2014     Follow, collaboration with Zhenella Kostova and Milena Naef, Uncut Voice ~ Creature of Transition, group exhibition, Vlaams Cultuurhuis Brakke Grond,

             Amsterdam, The Netherlands

2013     I really need..., long-term research project, collaboration with Anastasia Starostenko

2013     The Body, Manifestation, group exhibition, De Slang, Amsterdam, The Netherlands