The Utopian Office at the Rietveld Graduation Show

Can a moment be utopian? Can I value someone´s presence, connect with someone in a moment which we share and which is meaningful to us? Can I, through framing, be a facilitator for a personal experience or a social interaction without organising it? How is the function and the production of an (art) work connected in its meaning? The long term project Ways to Spaces or How to Create a Personal Utopia; A Research to use Utopia as Method to facilitate a Situation is an attempt to sketch a sphere, a space or a micro utopia. The title already gives a hint in different directions. Firstly, Ways to Space, describing a space as a process that is very fragile and fugitive, a space created with someone ́s thoughts and presence. Secondly How to Create a Personal Utopia which consists of two terms - maybe very contrary to each other – Personal, being very self-centred, Utopia - in philosopher Ernst Bloch´s sense - as the expressions of deep-seated desire and as a claim to change societal structures. The terms are connected with the verb Create which means “evolve from one’s own thought or imagination, as a work of art or an invention”. It is an open structure with regard to the use of every small step we take towards a utopian direction. The project has taken place during the last 12 months, is going to be continued, and consists of a series of consciously lived moments which move between the everyday life and art. The following parameters are researched: value, pricing, use, exchange, ownership, personal sensual experience, creativity as capital, power relations, bottom up approaches, real effect, status, sphere, space, utopia, socially constructed traditions, everyday life, life as Gesamtkunstwerk. One of the moments can be experienced at the graduation show where you can register for a conversation during the consultation-hours of the utopian office.

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