August 2015

The Utopian Office will be shown during Frame Works / An exhibition by Els & Nel at Friday Next Gallery!

During Frame Works Hannah Kindler will search for an Utopian moment. Can someone‚Äôs presence be valued by mutual connection in a shared and meaningful moment? How are function and production of an (art) work connected in its meaning? Through a conversation she has with a person, she seeks to build a connection between herself and the other, and thus creates new values. The conversation is to be seen as a form of self reflexion, engaging with each other, as form of networking, social process, form of art or to speak in terms of Joseph Beuys, as Social Sculpture, and above all as personal experience. Such a moment can be experienced during the exhibition. You are warmly invited to register for a conversation during the consultation hours of the Utopian Office. This (performative) moment of a one-on-one conversation will take about 15 - 30 min. The subject will be prepared by the Office.


Els & Nel for the invitation and support!