R&D Center of Value

The work R&D Centre of Value (R&D stands for Research and Development) is a visual questionnaire of the concept of value. How does society construct value and how can a maker (designer/artist) have an influence on it? What is of value to us and how is value communicated? What does a packet of cigarettes, 500g of chicken and a H&M t-shirt have in common besides all costing five euros? What is the connection between our personal story and the value of the objects we surround us with? Visitors are invited to interact, frame and re-frame objects and thus become members of the researching staff. What happens when we present an old object in an appealing way? Can we up-value our own old stuff by reframing it? In her performative and participatory work, Kindler creates consciously lived moments which move between everyday life and art. She becomes the assistant of the R&D centre and engages with her public in a conversation and seeks to build a connection between herself and the other person by sharing personal experiences and memories about the meaning of value, thus creating new values. The conversation is to be seen as a form of self-reflexion, art, and networking. It is an exploration of the social process or, in the words of Joseph Beuys, the “social sculpture”. It is an engagement with each other and, above all, a personal experience. 


Material Sense for the invitation and support!



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