Ruimte voor Gesprek

Ruimte voor gesprek (engl.: Space for conversation) is a longterm project in the Amsterdam neighborhood Nieuw-Soten. It is platform to talk about things “that really matter” and for people to be heard. The format of the project is the conversation or interaction between people who live or work in this neighborhood. It is initiated and carried out/facilitated? By Julien Haffmans, Maarten van Schie, environmental philosopher, and visual artists Renee Kool and Hannah Kindler.

The conversation is seen as form of self-education, self-reflexion, engaging with each other, as a form of networking and forming initiatives, as a form of bottom-up movement and social process, as a form of art and above all as personal experiences in which one is seen and heard as part of a group. The conversation can be seen as a small-scale experiment for processes within society. Critical conversation or more precisely Socratic dialogue can work as a pedagogic utensil and as a devise for democratic discourse.

Also Professor of visual culture, writer and curator Irit Rogoff imagines free education as “(...)alternative organizational mode, not of information, of formal knowledges and their marketing, but as a form of coming together not predetermined by outcomes but by directions.” There is a great potential in “education”, not in the classical “top-down” sense but rather meaning a dialogue between peers.

Wij maken plek voor een waardevol gesprek, dat we voeren met u en medebewoners van deze buurt. Een gesprek over waarde, en over samenleven. Deze plek een vrijplaats: daar is iedereen gelijk, en gaan we voorbij makkelijke antwoorden over moeilijke...


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