Um museo na Escola - A Museum in a School

Documentation of the workshop Becoming Animal. The children of Escola Municipal Conjunto Assistencial Nossa Senhora de Fátima made drawings and a shadowplay. The project has been realized in collaboration with the Grumap collective, in Alto das Pombas, Salvador da Bahia, Brazil as part of the project 'Teaching as a form of Art - Museum in a School' project initiated by Ruth Noack, as part of DAI Art Praxis nbsp]class. Workshop by Hannah Kindler and Sanne Kabalt in collaboration with Baha Görkem Yalim, Manoela Barbosa, Lia Cunha, Thayná Lima, Bruno Rohde, and Uru Pereira, interpreter: Silvia Jura, production: Natàlia Valério, video: Sanne Kabalt, photographs: Hannah Kindler.

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