R&D Center of Value, Second Edition

How is the value of materials developing and how does it change over time? What does this value say about our time and our world view? Which beliefs and ideologies stand behind these values? What is the political agency of the objects we surround ourselves with? How do they influence our behaviour and our ethical decision making process?

The work R&D Center of Value (R&D stands for Research and Development) is a collective knowledge production process and a visual questionnaire of the concept of value.

Objects will be shown as a common starting point for reflection: What is the monetary, personal historical, social, ecological and usage value of the objects? What do these objects stand for and how do they act in our world? Can we, starting from what these objects mean in our world today, starting to imagine a different reality? Can we alter the meaning of the objects by entailing its socioeconomic existence? Can we start a process of future making with this methodology?



Material Sense for the invitation and support!



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